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This is where you can find out how we've done things on the Ourbeans web site. The HTML code and any Java scripts we have used. It's also where we record any changes to the design of the site.

Date What we've done . . .
February 2001 We've got a fast PC and have gone back to FrontPage2000. Not too bad now, but still has it's hick-ups!
August 2000 We're trying a new text based hit counter on the front page, it's far more sensitive and records every time you even think about going to the page!
May 2000 We've been playing around with a small web cam and have got the first images on the Cat Cam page. Our ISP now supports ASP, we've just got to learn how to use it!

Moving all the data to one site (i.e. no mirrors) has meant we have had to re register with loads of search engines and all the web rings - more work.

April 2000 As we update this page we are in the process of changing ISP to something a little more flexible with full cgi access and Front Page extensions, but sadly no ASP as yet. We will probably have all our URLs point to just the .com address - it's saves loads of time in updates but does make us more dependant on the one ISP.
March 2000 Couldn't resist the temptation to register Ourbeans.co.uk as well as the .com URL.
October 1999 Got so BORED with how  S  L  O  W   FrontPage2000 is that we have dumped it and gone back to FrontPage98. The process wasn't that simple and there still seem to be a few bits of 2000 hanging around, but it's certainly quicker. We might try again if we can get a better spec PC but on our current model it's just not worth the wait.
June 1999 We finally get around to registering Ourbeans as a .com address. We have upgraded to FrontPage2000 and are finding out new things we can do and old things that we now can't. Overall the package seems a little slow. More details later after we have had a chance to fully utilise its functions.
April 1999 A short .avi clip has been added to the video page to test download speeds and resolution.
March 1999 Another Webring added. The site wins its first award! The counter on the front page was redesigned by Bravenet.com so we had to re register and change the code.
February 1999 Site redesigned with home made graphics and buttons, no longer using a standard Microsoft theme.
January 1999 Java added to the default.htm page to change the greeting to match the time of day, so before 12noon it says good Morning, before 6pm it says Good Afternoon and after 6pm it says Good Evening. If the browser does not support Java it leaves out the time greeting.
December 1998 Introduced a side menu with text links to key pages.
November 1998 Added two .avi sound files to the sound pages.


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