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Mungo & Midge

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Mungo and Midge

The following story was sent to us recently. Many thanks to Mary:

"I hand reared my kittens from five weeks old, they both were completely wild, they hissed and spat at me constantly. Eventually, after about ten weeks they started to like me. I have now had my cats for nearly three years.

Last year the female cat went missing , I was devastated. I printed loads of leaflets, spent one week distributing to local areas, after three weeks I got a phone call from a factory saying they had found a cat behind their skip. I rushed round and to my delight it was my cat. she was in such a pitiful state."

We're glad the story had a happy ending. Here are the pictures.

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The pitiful state in which she was found

pitifulmidge.jpg (31140 bytes)


Playing on clothes horse

ONHORSE.JPG (70821 bytes)

Snuggling together on sofas 1

MIDGE.JPG (26673 bytes)

Snuggling together on sofas 2

ONSOFA.JPG (56398 bytes)



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